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Scott Bradley

Teacher of guitar, piano, drums,

accordion and music theory

Piano Lessons

Pupil learning pianoLessons are usually taught one-to-one as this offers the best route for rapid progress and allows for lessons and material to be tailored to the individual.


Lessons are usually 30 minutes long for beginners with longer sessions for more advanced players and are taught on a Yamaha C3 grand piano.


Learning to play the piano can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. The piano is almost a universal instrument and most professional musicians play it even if piano isn’t their first or best instrument.


The piano is extremely versatile and is just as happy accompanying the singer of a pop ballad as it is showing off the piano virtuosity of the concert pianist and his concerto.


Piano lessonsMost people enjoy learning the piano for the enjoyment they get from playing pieces that they enjoy on their piano. For this reason, I aim to build technique by tackling the technical difficulties necessary to master each new piece as they present themselves.


Piano is no longer restricted to those who have enough room for a large upright or grand piano. The continuing development in the quality of electric pianos means that they can be placed anywhere in a house at reasonable prices. Piano is suitable for children and adults of any age. I have taught children as young as 4 years old and adults over 70 years of age.


If you have any queries or questions regarding piano lessons please contact me.



Contact me at contact@scott-bradley.com, Mobile/text on 07780600329 or phone 01228 495232

Scott Bradley