Scott Bradley

Teacher of guitar, piano, drums,

accordion and music theory

Guitar Lessons

Electric guitar lessonsGuitars come in many shapes and forms. The type of music you want to play will be the deciding factor on which type of instrument you need. I teach all types of guitar (classical, electric, bass and acoustic) and I can cover a range of styles to suite your tastes. electric-guitar


Lessons for beginners are usually 30 minutes long. This is usually long enough to keep you busy practising newly acquired skills in preparation for the next lesson. This is not to say that longer sessions may not be beneficial and many students have 45 minute or 1 hour lessons. Your individual needs can be assessed as you progress. More advanced students will need longer lessons as it is difficult to cover all the material needed to make progress.


You will learn all of the skills you need in order to get the most enjoyment from playing your instrument. Reading skills are an essential part of this and music notation comes in a number of forms on guitar including classical notation, tablature and chord charts. As a player and teacher, I feel that a good working knowledge of each of these is important if you are to access the huge range of music that is available.


Classical guitar lessonsDevelopment of good technique is essential and, strangely, so often overlooked. Young players can quickly develop injuries without proper attention to posture and technique.


Many students learn to play just for their own pleasure. Others are keen to gain recognition for their skills with music exams. Pupils can enter for exams if they wish. I am a Trinity College London Examiner and can offer all the coaching necessary to help you achieve the best you can. I can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.



Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about lessons or if you need advice before buying a new instrument.


Contact me at, Mobile/text on 07780600329 or phone 01228 495232




Scott Bradley