Scott Bradley

Teacher of guitar, piano, drums,

accordion and music theory

Drum Lessons

Advances in technology means that those who wish to play drums no longer have to live miles away from civilization to practise. Digital drums are relatively silent and can provide a similar feel and response to real kits, using mesh heads. They are also available in compact designs if space is an issue.


Learn to read drum notation and develop the techniques needed to perform in a variety of musical styles and situations.


The initial financial outlay for a drum kit can be more than it is for other instruments. I may be able to offer the loan of a Yamaha DD55 or DD65 until you are in a position to purchase a suitable instrument. These will still allow you to develop the techniques and skills needed to succeed.


As well as studying basic techniques and the rudiments, pupils will learn to play music covering a wide range of styles practising to backing tracks which include the other instrumental parts to well known songs. This helps to develop timekeeping as well as making it more fun to practise.


For those who want to study for exams there are a number of options including Trinity College Drum Kit exams, Trinity Rock and Pop and the Rock School. I am a qualified music examiner and can guide you down the best route,


If you have any questions or queries please get in touch and contact me


Contact me at, Mobile/text on 07780600329 or phone 01228 495232

Scott Bradley